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Guitar Lessons Columbus Ohio -  Our History 

Located in Grandview Heights Ohio we are proud to be a member of the surrounding community for 8 years and have been teaching for 17 years. As an additional part of our experience we have also taught at Columbus, Upper Arlington and Worthington City Schools as well.

We provide musical instruction services including: Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drum Lessons, and Piano Lessons.

Second Floor Studios Would Like to
Welcome it’s Newest Instructor!

Steven Fox – Musician/Upright Bassist

Steven Fox offers instruction for electric or acoustic bass guitar, upright bass,
mandolin and ukelele as well as music theory.

Fox, a professional musician and teacher, has pursued his own musical education
since elementary school. He graduated cum laude from OSU with a performance
degree in the upfight bass. Also, Fox has been playing professionaly for over
fifteen years. From the blues to bluegrass, from rock to classical, he has done it all.
He currently plays with The Spikedrivers, Fox ‘n’ Hounds Bluegrass Ensemble, and
Neil Jacobs American Gypsy.

He recently performed with guitar legends GE Smith Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane) and David Grier.

In addition, Fox is a gifted instructor with over ten years of experience.
He incorporates music theory and technique in lessons so his students are
able to go farther than just reading music. They learn to create music, to play
with other musicians, and to play by ear. Although Fox is serious about music
he is able to keep lessons entertaining for students, and offers instruction in
many musical genres. Many of Fox’s students have gone on to study music in
college and have started successful careers in the field.

Student Testimonials

Becky Laroe – Upper Arlington Ohio

Hank Gleissner – Upper Arlington Ohio

Chris Minton – Columbus Ohio

Michael Latas – Upper Arlington Ohio

Laura Lombardi – Grandview Ohio

Kathy Davis – Upper Arlington Ohio

Leslie Caborn – Upper Arlington Ohio

Hal Tarazi – Columbus Ohio

Karen Van Hoff – Columbus Ohio

Debi Lewis – Columbus Ohio

Megan Bamberger – Columbus Ohio

Beth Taggert – Upper Arlington Ohio

George Speaks – Grandview Ohio

Looking to Learn Music?

It’s not as tough as you may be thinking. In fact, many people struggle for years simply because they are not shown things in the correct sequence. Too many jumps in any lesson plan can spell disaster for comprehension. Everyone knows you have to learn to add before you can multiply etc. Consistency, focus, and practice will always produce results, but how long will it take? That depends on the curriculum...

Are You A Total Beginner?

If you are a straight up beginner that’s a good thing. Beginners have a clean slate which actually gives them an advantage. We can still get you to where you need to go, and carefully point you to the musical goods. You may be thinking that it’s too late for you to learn or you’ll never be as good as him or her…….that’s a total lie! Don’t buy it.

Full Lesson Customization…

We’ve made an effective curriculum and we’ve been sharpening it to ultimate effectiveness for the last 17 years . In addition if you are taking lessons with us, the curriculum is built in to the cost of the lessons so there are no books for you to buy. Every students lesson plan will be based around their own personal goals.

Our custom charts will help ensure maximum comprehension. Once you start to really start to ‘get it’ your level of learning will increase exponentially. It’s proven that people that had trouble comprehending improved their understanding tremendously after a visual learning method was used. This creates a super-potent learning environment for all students and an effective way practice.

No Books to Buy/All Materials Included…

Yep all materials are included in the cost. In addition we offer software to use while you are taking lessons with us. Let our proven teaching tools customize an effective curriculum for you.

Video Lesson Support…

With each lesson you have the option of asking for a video covering each lesson from your instructor. This way you can review the material at home to help refresh you memory and keep you organized.

 Text Message Lesson Reminders?

Having lesson reminders emailed to your smart phone gives you the convenience of always knowing what time & when your lesson is. A HUGE advantage for parents and those stretched and desperate for more time.

<<How to Find Us>>

It’s a little tricky finding us on Grandview Ave, but don’t worry we’ll save you! Just follow the pic below….

Guitar Lessons Columbus Ohio guitar lessons columbus ohio

Second Floor Studios
1373 Grandview Ave Columbus Ohio 43212

Call Now – 614-675-1300

We have taught classes at Greensview Elementary and Windermere Elementary in Upper Arlington

Meghan Harter – Greensview Elementary – UA

One of Stu’s Teachers in Nashville with Jon Oates
(Hall & Oates)

~How We Are Different~

…and Some Additional Benefits

  • Customized Curriculum for Each Individual (no cookie cutter approaches)
  • Video Lesson Support – Take Home Videos
  • Hybrid Lessons or Crossover Training) (for 2 Instruments or more)
  • Structured “Results Oriented” Curriculum
  • No Books To Buy – All Materials Included
  • Email Lesson Reminders Available
  • Comfortable Waiting Room
  • Safe and Easy Parking
  • Excellent Italian Food and Drinks Downstairs (Figlio and Vino Vino)
  • Save $ with Our Lesson Coupon Codes

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Cameron Lawrence (12 year old above) is a student
of Guitar at Second Floor Studios

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  Guitar Lessons Columbus Ohio 

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Kathy Davis – Upper Arlington Ohio

Michael Latas – Upper Arlington Ohio

Laura Lombardi – Grandview Ohio

Leslie Caborn – Upper Arlington Ohio

Hal Tarazi – Columbus Ohio

Karen Van Hoff – Columbus Ohio

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Debi Lewis – Columbus Ohio

Megan Bamberger – Columbus Ohio

Chris Minton – Columbus Ohio

Q & A Section

Q – What happens after I purchase music lessons?

A – You will automatically receive an email receipt for your purchase and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours to help you customize you gift certificate.

Q – How will I/they schedule the lessons?

A -  We will provide you with a link to send a message
when you are ready to start. From there again someone will contact you
and set up a timeslot for you.

Q – Is it safe to use your checkout?

A – Yes. We use 512 bit Encryption from First Data
Independent Services
so your info is always
going to be safe should you decide to buy now.

Q – How do I purchase lessons?

A – Simply choose one of the packages at the link below.

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1373 Grandview Ave Columbus Ohio 43212

Call 614-675-1300

Customer Testimonials for
~Second Floor Studios~

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